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A superb collage of unique video scenes that capture all the natural magic of Byron Bay

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Think of Visions of Byron as being like a wonderful, big box of all natural widescreen video postcards!
Special introductory price - DVDs only $19.95 and downloads only A$9.95

Visions of Byron is a professionally produced, broadcast quality, one hour audio-visual journey filmed at over 60 unique, natural locations across the beautiful Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, around Byron Bay in Australia.

From the world-famous beaches to the ancient volcanic mountains, the natural landscape is captured in artistic, widescreen, digital video with award winning ambient music, all by local multimedia artist Japetus.

Enjoy almost 100 inspiring individual video scenes that smoothly dissolve into each other with a free flowing motion that matches the fluid nature of the ambient, instrumental soundtrack.

The camera gradually zooms and slowly pans left and right as though you are right there exploring and experiencing the awe of it all. There is no fast motion or slow motion and no special effects - it's all natural and real. Watch a high quality excerpt from the first 5 minutes of the Video.

It's no wonder they call the region the Northern Rivers. From sensuous sunrises over Byron beaches, the DVD travels south, exploring the many headlands, lakes and lagoons to Lennox Head. Then the video scenes move inland discovering the waterfalls, rivers, lakes and forests of the hinterland with magnificent panoramas looking back towards the coast.

Continuing out through The Channon enjoy views of the Mt Warning caldera and then across to the beaches of the Tweed coast. Finally, head south again down the coast through Brunswick Heads and back for brilliant sunsets over the Bay.

In the context of Byron's recuperative reputation, the uplifting visuals and inspiring music of Visions of Byron takes you on a natural healing pilgrimage as well as providing a living, moving postcard. This DVD is being used in medical and dental surgeries, by bedridden patients and to support any stress reducing or healing situation. It makes an excellent "sleep tape' for kids.

Visions of Byron offers an opportunity for Far North Coast visitors to take away a little bit of the natural, healing essence of Byron Shire to enjoy over and over when they return home. With such a selection of special places found on Visions of Byron it will no doubt reveal an array of secret hideaways that can be explored on future visits, hence the Maps and shot list included on this site and inside the DVD cover. There are subtitles that identify the location and the music track playing.

This first 2008 edition of Visions of Byron has now been launched at a very special low introductory retail price of only A$19.95 and downloads are only A$9.95. To buy downloads for yourself or buy download links and send them to friends and family Order here.

The DVD is priced affordably to encourage customers to buy several copies: Buy one-to-send and buy one-to-keep! As a visitor buy one for your family to show them where you are or encourage them to visit plus buy a copy for yourself. As a local resident buy a copy to show to friends and relatives when they visit to inspire them to explore the region and buy extra copies to give as gifts.

On this website you can view a short Video excerpt and then Order DVD copies securely through PayPal who accept payments by credit card. Arrange to have DVD copies mailed straight from directly to your friends and family around the world. You and your friends can even pay online and Order a download link of Visions of Byron from anywhere in the world, instantly. They then log in and download their copy - a good resolution iPhone quality 380mb video file.

DVDs can be sent out directly from the website to anywhere in the world. DVDs go one at a time as large letters and each order requires a fresh purchase for each new address. DVDs can be ordered at the same time as you order downloads. Read the Order suggestions. Even though video downloads are quite large the price has been kept to A$9.95 each because you are buying direct.

All the music on Visions of Byron was selected from the 20th anniversary double album compilation Peace & Quiet by Japetus. Explore the music of Japetus at and on worldwide or download Peace & Quiet right here on the Music page.

Wherever possible Visions of Byron was produced within a very specific set of parameters:
- 100% pure natural footage with almost no signs of humans or civilisation in any scenes
- Affordable maximum retail price, at least as an introductory offer
- Exceptional scenes from normal, accessible, tourist locations
- Natural footage in real-time with no underwater or aerial scenes
- Subtitles contain scene locations plus which music track is playing
- Multi-functional usage e.g. a healing journey that introduces special locations in a 'living' postcard
- Online DVD ordering and same day mail-out service plus an instant download service

Copies of Visions of Byron are available for purchase all across the NSW North Coast. Find Outlets.

Please contact ByronDVD if you would like to license high quality copies of the video, stills or music for your own presentations.

Find out more about the amazing new Japetus healing site Day Spa for the Mind

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