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Visions of Byron DVD - Japetus
"Another positive contribution to the shire’s creative output.... the images are set to an ambient soundtrack that is relaxing and unimposing.... the subject matter is, of course, outstanding... the locations are sensational.... it’s a brilliant chill-out DVD for anyone who loves watching nature.... I'm sure visitors would also appreciate it.... and the price makes it a possibility – $9.95 for a download or $19.95 for the hard copy."
The Byron Shire News 30/10/08

- "No problems with the download, thanks for asking. Visions of Byron is very moving... What a wonderful tribute to this region! It evokes both the outward beauty and the spirit of place. I haven't been to Byron since my brief visit the the late 70s, but I remember the beaches, and the headland and lighthouse. It seemed a very quiet town then, it's probably changed a lot. But the impressive natural beauty is still there - as your soundscape film shows. Great work!" Ro, Wentworth Falls. 

- "Wow, when my son and I watched the Visions of Byron DVD we became very restless about our living situation in Melbourne and immediately wanted to move there! It has been so sensitively filmed and it is wonderful to have your beautiful music playing in the background. Thanks." Jo, Melbourne.

- "Watching the Visions of Byron DVD & listening to its accompanying music was very uplifting. Within minutes I relaxed & felt any tension leave me. It is a very serene & peaceful DVD, quite magical. I live in the city & the development of the neighbouring block is very noisy. The mesmerising music & gorgeous, natural images of this DVD are exactly what I need, & take me back to Byron without leaving my Melbourne apartment. Visions of Byron will be part of my regime everyday & I may well have it on continuous play. " Kate, Melbourne.

- "I have bought one copy of the DVD and it is very beautiful and inspiring. I am going to buy more copies to send to friends/family - some overseas." Iren, Byron Bay.

- "Thank you for your DVD. I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to it. You have done a great job. We do a lot of corporate work and our products are distributed all over Australia and some OS. I think your DVD would be a great product for us to use especially with corporate events clients that are holding an event in Byron. I will certainly look at including your DVD as part of an option." Rachel, Central Coast.

- "I watched the Visions of Byron DVD at a friends' house and just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed it. Having previously been feeling a bit stressed out, I noticed, that as I began watching the DVD, my body and mind began to relax. The more I watched those beautiful awe-inspiring images of the Paradise that I am actually so blessed to be living amongst, gracefully sweep across the screen, the deeper my relaxation and the broader my smile became. The transporting ambience of the music supported the visuals so beautifully that when it came to its completion, I was left with a feeling of calm and freshness, like I had been transported to a new and wonder-full world, a world that fed my senses and soothed me at the same time, and indeed I had. Thank you for making this beautiful DVD. It really would make a great  gift for anyone who loves to chill out to nature, even if you are one of the lucky people to be living here in this glorious part of the planet." Eve, Mullumbimby.

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